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The Organization of Transparency and Merit is structured to provide men and women from all backgrounds with information outlining new developments in private and public policy affecting our daily lives, in non-biased distribution.  We  encourage people from all political spectrums to  engage us with your view(s) on subjects we discuss. Our mission aims to expose the problems in the corporate and government/political culture. Through evidence-based, non-biased analysis our focus correlates to a better informed social and working climate to avert further damage to an individual's 1st amendment rights. The Information Age can be deceptive at times.  Transparency and Merit wants everyone to have an opportunity to be heard without fear of judgement. Enter this new era supporting a more transparent, merit-based focus on American ideas concerning race, culture,  liberalism, conservatism, n.e.w.s.,  views and trends.  

Organization of Transparency and Merit is a California-based non-profit group.   We value your support. 

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