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The Quest to Quell the Peacemakers

by Zak

The Woke Left isn’t after you, at least not yet. It may appear that way, when we watch MAGA marchers beaten in the street while the cops stare resolutely forward; when the Police only act to arrest those with the audacity to defend themselves. It may seem that way, but it’s the wrong way of thinking about it.

You see, if you’re here, at this website, and you lean to the Right, to the Conservative or

Libertarian side of things, you’re probably not someone whose opinion on the State of the Union is going to change. The Left attacks you because you stand up, they attack you when you march, they silence your speech through the threat of violence.

So it would seem they’re attacking you. But they’re not. You see, there is a good segment of

any population made up of people who desire peace, at almost any cost. They’re the people who say “No Politics, Philosophy, or Religion at the table.” They’re your Grandma, who shied away from any talk of anything “stressful”. “Well, I don’t know about that.” she’d say, then scurry off as fast as possible.

We who stand on Truth and look to defend it, we who don’t love conflict but won’t shy away, we are in the minority. Right now the Left is playing Whack ‘a Mole. Whenever we pop our heads out to protest they come, wielding their draconian tactics. They start a fight then film it, cutting out the harassment beforehand and only showing the man who, after trying his best to avoid confrontation, finally lashes out, and is pummeled for it. They broadcast these “incidents”, relying on the mainstream media to disseminate their story whole cloth and defend the narrative by any lies necessary.

For the most part they’ve gotten their way. But now we’re waking up to the challenge, and

we’ve started to realize that we cannot back down. This brings us to a crisis point: when we confront the Left, they’ve already had the time to organize their strategies.

They already have Johnny the Instigator, Billy the Cameraman, and Bob the “Journalist”, all

ready and willing to do their part in this play they’re acting. They even have Steve and his buddies, the cops who will follow the orders of Carl, the Puppetmaster Mayor.

But why do they need a narrative? This is where their true objective sits. If they can manage to convince the Peacemakers, if they can make it seem that this is either an equal fight between two parties, or that they are the ones oppressed, the Peacemakers will immediately pursue compromise. And compromise with Leftist ideologues is death.

After all, they want a full on Collectivist State, in whatever form they so choose. All of their

philosophies can be boiled down to one idea: we hold our property together. No man makes more or less than any other( at least in Theory, right?). When they have sufficiently destabilized a nation, they appeal to the Peacemakers, offering them an Olive Branch. “Please” they say, “Please, this is not working. Can we not just try it my way???”

Once the Grand Unification is complete, those who continue to speak out will find themselves against the wall. But as for the Peacemakers, well, they are useful to the cause. And as long as they can convince themselves that everything is more peaceful in this new State, they will go along to get along. It’s good to have Peacemakers at hand. Without them, we might just war until no one was left.

But we must be careful. If ever the Left convinces the Peacemakers that our way is war and their way is peace, we lose. These Peacemakers that help our family gatherings to end without bloodshed will become the tools of a Revolution that we cannot stop.

The Peacemakers outnumber us, and that’s why the Left wants to use them.

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