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Transparency Wave Approaches, But Will It Be Enough?

The idea of a transparent government sounds good but how realistic will this be? Perhaps a byproduct of a fear campaign to keep society masked as a new social system takes proper form is the notion that proper attention to details in a public manner be open to the public. New standards for transparency are becoming a more appropriate part of the conversation for local governments throughout the country.

"Communities were graded based on posting of minutes online prior to meetings, whether the meetings were live-streamed, whether recordings of meetings were posted online after a meeting and whether minutes of meetings were posted afterward in a timely manner."

This would be a step in the right direction as the content can then be judged in a collective, merit-based way. Transparency alone won't be the answer to the ills of the same political systems that have censored and withheld for long enough. The time for real change is now like no other time in history.

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